The Cooperative

The Cooperative

Based since 1936 in the heart of the Saumur region, specifically in the Allonne commune, the CAFPAS cooperative has been part of, and adapted to, the agricultural changes in the region. Initially developed as a vegetable and seed cooperative, it was one of the first to put apples and pears on the market in the 1970s.

In the early 90s, the cooperative merged with SICA Poitou Vegatables Group, to develop both the Banana shallot (echalion) and the potato plant and thereby increase their range of products. Thus, The Gardeners of Anjou became The Gardeners of Anjou and Poitou.

Since 1991, the BVL sales office has commercialised apples, pears and cherries and has the largest availability of these products in the Loire valley.

Due to the significant development of the Banana shallot, a new 5000m2 building was constructed by the cooperative in 2010, in the commune of Mirabeau (Vienne), to stock and package the Banana shallot as well as the potato plants.



36, rue Albert Pottier

49650 Allonnes


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