Fruit production : 5000 tons

Apples, pears and cherries are marketed by our sales office BVL (Bureau du Val de Loire - Loire valley office).

A range of varieties, from traditional to the latest breed, ensures a 365 day a year supply of apples :

Apples : Royal Gala, Golden Delicious, Ariane, Granny Smith, Belchard, Temptation, Pippin Tramp, Pink Lady.

Pears : William’s, Conference, Comice.

Cherries : The range of varieties ensure a supply from June 1 to July 31.

Red Fruit : Strawberries and rasberries are sold by the cooperative from April 15 to July 1.


36, rue Albert Pottier

49650 Allonnes


Tel. +33 2 41 52 00 28